What are Fleas?

My pet has fleas!!! Now what? Fleas are small parasitic insects that have been troubling warm-blooded animals for years. It is believed that the history of this parasitic insect can be traced back to the Jurassic age, although the theory is not supported by any paleontological evidence.

What do fleas on my pet look like?

Fleas are parasitic in nature, small sized (1/6 the – 1/12 the inch) and feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. These pests are reddish brown in color and after feeding, they become redder.

The Flea has a hard body and is flat shaped in nature with six legs. This insect makes use of their hind leg for jumping and as a matter of fact, they can jump up to a vertical height of eight inches.

Why does my pet have fleas?

Often times a flea will only enter a home on a pet host. Dogs and cats can pick up fleas while wandering outside and bring them indoors. On the other hand, it is possible for fleas to attach themselves to your clothes and hitch a ride inside your home.

Does my pet have fleas? Or are they in the house?
  • Excessive scratching or biting the fur by the pet.
  • Black flecks on the fur of the pet, on their beddings and places where your pet hangs out.
  • Unexplained bite on your skin or anyone in the house.
How does the bite look like?

Humans are mostly bit outside in the grass area. Fleas can only jump so high, so bites are usually on the feet and the lower part of your leg. The bite looks like a small raised red bump with a reddish halo. Flea bit causes itchy skin and discomfort.

Are fleas dangerous to humans and pets?

Fleas are very dangerous to both human and pets. The fact that fleas feed on a variety if host through their lifecycle is why they can transmit disease. These insects are known to spread murine, typhus and plaque. Fleas are an intermediate host for rodent tapeworm and dog tapeworm.

If you think you have a flea problem, contact your veterinarian for advice on the best treatment to give the pet. After that, contact Creepy Crawly Pest Control to get rid of the pest from your home and yard.

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