How do I know if I have Roof Rats in Arizona?

If you are hearing scurrying in your walls or attic you probably have a rat in the attic. You may have also seen them running across your back wall. Perhaps you’ve found some dead in your pool – This is because they are dehydrated and have gone for a drink of water and most likely fell in.

The good news is that you are not alone. Some neighborhoods in the phoenix metro area have a bigger problem than others. You may have lived there for a long time and never seen one and now you have an issue. It is not uncommon for a rat to come up from the sewer system and try to find food in your yard.

What is a Roof Rat?

The Roof rat is long, scaly rodent with a black tail and a sleek body. These pests are nocturnal and they eat fruit that’s fallen off your trees, pet food and even items in your pantry. The roof rats and rodent can always chew their way into the house through hollow walls, pipes, existing holes, and wires.

Aside from the fact that these rodents destroy your home, they are host to a plethora of diseases. If these rats bite you, you stand the chance of contracting rat bite fever. The major symptoms of rat bite fever are flu and could be fatal. Another disease that could be contracted is Hantavirus. Hantavirus can be contracted by stirring up dropping and urine of these rats and rodents. The symptoms of the infection include chills, body aches fever and stomach problem. Another disease is Weil’s disease that is caused when the rat urine enters the minor cut. Weil’s disease can result in fever and kidney failure.

Rodents may seem cute but they can damage your home by chewing through wires and other items in the attic or on the rooftop. They also leave behind waste and make an unsanitary situation.

These rodents reproduce once or twice a month and each litter consisting of eight to nine pups. The roof rat and other rodents pose serious threats and it’s always advisable to deal with them safely.

What Can I do about Roof Rats in Arizona?

We recommend you call a professional like Creepy Crawly Pest Control but here are some tips you can do to help reduce sightings and/or infestations.

  • As soon as fruit is ripe – strip the tree of all fruit. As fruit falls onto the floor make sure to pick up daily. Making sure to keep food out of your yard is imperative. Does your neighbor have a fruit tree? Offer to pick the tree for them and donate the fruit!
  • Make sure all trash cans are securely closed and cleaned quarterly.
  • Have your home checked for entry points and have those sealed up by a professional.
  • Take good care of the lawns because poorly maintained shrub can breed them.

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